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Classification: municipal organic waste

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Spent coffee grounds produced from the University cafeteria in the School of Chemical Engineering, at National Technical University of Athens. 

Water Soluble Solids (%w/w dry basis): 19.96 ± 2.54

Volatile Solids (%w/w dry basis): 98.99 ± 0.90

Cellulose (%w/w dry basis): 9.87 ± 0.15

Hemicellulose (%w/w dry basis): 8.4 ± 0.50

Klason lignin (%w/w dry basis): 0.02 ± 0.00

Acid-soluble lignin (%w/w dry basis): 23.46 ± 0.31

Fats & Oil (%w/w dry basis): 12.89 ± 0.35

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Other Questions

Hello, i would like to ask a question about the product. What is the cellulose content of the product dry weight? Thank you in advance
Nikoleta Kontogianni
Hello, it accounts to 55%. At your disposal
Nikoleta Kontogianni