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In-vessel odour free composting solutions. Each HotRot unit is equipped with monitoring equipment that provides on-line diagnostic facilities and an auditable record demonstrating compliance with international regulatory guidelines and standards.


The HotRot composting system is fully modular allowing plant capacity to be easily extended by installing additional units as collection services or demand increases.            




The HotRot 3518 is the largest of Global Composting Solution’s in-vessel composting units. Designed for larger municipalities and sewage treatment plants.



Feed hoppers enable 24/7 unattended operation. Ancillary equipment such as augers, conveyors, biofilters and dewatering units can be supplied as part of a turnkey installation.



Multiple units can be installed in parallel to provide increased capacity up to 60 tpd (36,000 tpa). Nominal capacity assumes the production of a relatively stable, compostable product. If other criteria are required to be met (e.g. NZS/AS4454) the product will require some passive or static pile maturation/storage prior to use or final testing.



A biofilter enclosure and fill media are usually constructed as part of civil works for this unit. Installed plant is eligible for HotRot’s Odour-Free Guarantee (conditions apply).



HotRots produce a small amount of condensate which can be used for irrigation, wetting maturation piles or discharged to sewer.



High resolution colour touch screen with mimic display, graphical data trends, parameter settings, alarms, multiple language option and online connectivity option.




Pre-cast concrete OR painted mild steel frame and outer hull with stainless steel liner. Mild steel shaft and tines.


DESIGN LIFE * 15 years.

*Excluding maintenance and wear items. Design and specifications may change without notice at any time due to ongoing research and development.

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